Top-five tips to divest unneeded corporate real estate (Part 4)

March 23, 2017
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4. Have your paperwork in place.

Draft all transaction paperwork and legal agreements prior to marketing – well before any prospect submits an offer including:

  • Corporate approvals of projected sublease or sale
  • Lease/sublease rights and obligations
  • Termination option analysis
  • Expense/CAM pass thru analysis
  • Rent schedule
  • Sublease recovery analysis
  • Upfront costs and fees prior to sublease income and required projected corporate approvals
  • Financial security/LOC analysis
  • Appropriate Landlord communications
  • Environmental evaluations and solutions
  • Completed draft sublease and/or purchase and sale agreements
  • Book value and projected gain/loss
  • ALTA land survey permits
  • Floor plans, roof and building condition reports
  • Mechanical details
  • Review municipal records etc…


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