Ready To Get Started In Real Estate Investing? Consider This

July 3, 2018
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Core Dispo | Corporate Real Estate Dispositions, Inc.

Core Dispo | Corporate Real Estate Dispositions, Inc.

Are you looking to get immediate returns plus long-term appreciation on your investments? Weather you’re a first-time investor or an old pro, real estate investment has proven successful for many investors when the timing is right. Ready to get started?

There are three ways to go about real estate investment:

  1. Do it yourself!

  2. Hire a real estate agent/investment consultant

  3. Consult a turn key rental transaction provider

While one can be successful with any of the three methods, there are certain risks that apply to each one as well. Often if you are a first time investor, this can be tricky, given your unfamiliarity with the market. Hiring a real estate agent gives you added expertise, but only on the “search, evaluation, and acquisition phases of the process.” Now you are left with the tricky details that ultimately play a large role in the return on investment.

Turn key Rental provides “comprehensive” service, focusing on those tricky details that real estate agents don’t cover. These details including location research & analysis, property purchase, property enhancement, tenant location, and ultimately all aspects of the sale for you. This service is proving to be extremely effective for many first time, and even veteran investors.

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