Savills Adds Dispositions Services Headed by Gerard Staudt

July 12, 2019
Gerard Staudt

The global real estate firm launches dedicated new services to help clients dispose of surplus real estate

Gerard Staudt, Senior Managing Director and Head of Dispositions, Savills North America.

RUTHERFORD, NJ (July 9, 2019) – Savills announced today that it

Top Five tips to Divest (lease or sell) Unneeded Corporate Real Estate

November 21, 2018


There are numerous reasons that can trigger the need for companies to dispose of corporate real estate. The primary drivers are downsizing in response to an economic downturn or expansions due to growth. Research from GWS, which has analyzed

Facebook is Bingeing on Bay Area Real Estate

September 17, 2018

“As Wall Street frets over a slowdown, the social media giant’s expanding property empire suggests Mark Zuckerberg has few doubts about the future.”

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Data Centers Continue to Outdo Themselves

August 7, 2018

Data center developments are popping up left and right, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down. New players and mergers are becoming increasingly common. The performance in this sector has been so strong over the past few

Mergers, Acquisitions, REIT Consolidation… oh my!

July 26, 2018

Corporations are merging left and right. Acquisitions have taken the business world by storm, and now real estate firms are looking to capitalize on this in a low-yield environment. Right now, we are looking at a total of 8 M&A

NREI Third Research Survey Result Summary

July 24, 2018

The NREI recently concluded their third research survey which explores the state publicly-traded REITs. Through their investigation, the NREI has proven five main insights–

  1. Industrial REITs are the most favored asset class
  2. Retail REITs are at the top of respondents

Analysts Take a Second Look at REIT Chaos: Could this Mean BIG Buying Opportunities?

July 17, 2018

Investors are still trying to figure out where mall investments fall on the risk spectrum. Towards the end of 2017, these spaces looked cheap enough to be promising investments. Now that REITs have gotten even cheaper, even more analysts are

Real Estate Deals are Getting the Go Ahead Without Appraisal

July 13, 2018

New rules have been put into place by the U.S. bank regulators. Your first thought might be– oh no, more regulations? But that’s not the case. Now, commercial real estate worth more than $500,000 must have “an independent third-party check

Toys ‘R’ Us is Out — What’s Next?

July 10, 2018

While your inner child mourns the loss of  Toys ‘R’ Us across the country… retailers are taking advantage of vacancies and moving in. Hobby Lobby, Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are only a handful of the new tenants.

U.S. Malls Continue to Struggle, Small Investment Firms Bring Home the Bacon!

July 6, 2018

Two small investment firms, Namdar Realty Group and Mason Asset Management, are taking control of malls left and right. Their aggressive low investment business strategy, in force with growing e-commerce trends, have given them the ability to be extremely successful

Ready To Get Started In Real Estate Investing? Consider This

July 3, 2018

Are you looking to get immediate returns plus long-term appreciation on your investments? Weather you’re a first-time investor or an old pro, real estate investment has proven successful for many investors when the timing is right. Ready to get started?

18 BIG and New Commercial Real Estate Developments Around the U.S.

June 12, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Here it is, the list is in– as found on, eighteen of the latest and greatest commercial real estate developments popping up around the country.  Check out the top five below, and follow the link to the full list

Top 10 Markets with High Industrial Development

June 5, 2018
Gerard Staudt

E-Commerce is taking over which means businesses are saying goodbye to brick-and-mortar and hello to industrial warehouse space. All across the country, companies are looking to invest in corporate real estate space that will accommodate large inventories for online stores.

Foreign Investors Continue to Prefer Industrial Properties in 2018

April 20, 2018
Gerard Staudt

The Industrial real estate sector is a superstar for the second year in a row! Topping the list for global investor preference, this marks a “significant change in market dynamics.” A surplus in apartment complexes has lead experts to believe

Crescent, Goldman grab Uptown Dallas Office Building for Redo

April 18, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Crescent Real Estate partnered with Goldman Sachs Asset Management Private Real Estate to purchase a 7-story, 192,000 SF building in Uptown Dallas. This deal capitalized on not only the historic demand of Uptown Dallas but also the peak investment market

2018 Performance Forecast for Top 4 Commercial Real Estate Sectors

March 13, 2018
Gerard Staudt

The four main sectors of the Commercial Real Estate industry are expected to see different levels of growth/decline in 2018. After a long economic expansion, Colliers International predicts the market hit its peak in 2017. According to economists, numerous factors

10 Most Active Warehouse Construction Markets

March 6, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Prices of industrial land that companies use for “first-mile” and “last-mile” distribution centers are soaring. This can be attributed to the simple concept of supply and demand. With levels of e-commerce continually growing, retailers are paying top dollar for industrial

Industrial Real Estate Expected to Soar in 2018

February 21, 2018
Gerard Staudt

E-Commerce has taken over the way business is operated in the United States. With more and more companies turning to online retail, investors are looking into the industrial real estate market to purchase more warehouses and distribution centers. These conditions,

GE Factory to Hip Lofts

February 19, 2018
Gerard Staudt

City developers in Fort Wayne, Ind., are taking a $440 million budget, and pouring it into the transformation of an abandoned GE factory. Investors are hoping to turn this drab area into a lively downtown, that will attract a new

Investor Sentiment Indicates More Pros Think CRE Cycle is in Expansion Phase

February 16, 2018
Gerard Staudt

What phase do you think the commercial real estate cycle is in? Based off of numbers collected by the National Real Estate Investor, 41 percent of people believe we are in an expansion/recovery phase. This percentage has nearly doubled since

Discount Stores Defying Retail Meltdown

February 7, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Over the past year, the retail sector has been declining quickly with numerous store closures across the country. Companies hit the hardest fall under the categories of mall-based, or full price retailers. Spending trends changed during the recession, turning people

Bye-Bye Bank Branches

February 5, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Physical bank locations are closing left and right due to the changing landscape of the banking world. The shift to online and mobile banking (whether customers like it or not) nearly eliminates the need for traditional tellers.

The Royal Bank

Ocean Parkway Real Estate Phenomenon

January 31, 2018
Gerard Staudt

“A teardown or an empty lot can go for as much as $3 million,” Have you ever heard of such a thing? Head down to Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway and behold this real estate phenomenon. The majority of these properties are

Where the New Retail Space is Being Built (Hint: It’s Not in Malls)

January 29, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Developers around the US are shifting their focus to “pedestrian-centric” retail space. These new developments aim to create a utopia of life-work balance for young adults, and even some baby boomers looking to try a new, car-less lifestyle.

These projects

Vacant Commercial Real Estate may Qualify for a Tax Break

January 1, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Below market occupancy rates, or the anticipated departure of a major tenant, are two factors that signal the potential for property tax relief. “A vacant anchor space diminishes value even when the owner continues to receive rent on the dark

Newmark Knight Frank Completes $290M Sale-Leaseback

January 1, 2018
Gerard Staudt

sale of DreamWorks animation headquarters.”….460,000 square feet of creative office space.

Read more about the details of this monumental deal:

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Tax Reform Shows Low Chance for “Shockwaves in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.”

January 1, 2018
Gerard Staudt

In creation of the most recent tax reform, experts concluded that any final version of the bill would have little impact on the commercial real estate industry. Despite a demand shift in certain sectors, the bill shouldn’t shake things up

Declining Foot Traffic and Rising Vacancies Make Gyms More Attractive to Malls Across the Country

January 1, 2018
Gerard Staudt

foot traffic and rising vacancies are making gyms more attractive to malls across the country. In prior years, the thought of building a gym within a shopping center would not appeal to many mall owners. They were thought to

Landlords Hope Festivities Lead to Impulse Buys this Holiday Season

December 21, 2017
Gerard Staudt

“Individual malls often spend $150,000 to $500,000 on holiday decorations”

In a technology-driven world, brick-and-mortar stores are often overlooked. Discover why landlords and retailers are investing so much on tinsel and lights this year: 

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Tax Bill Calculator

December 19, 2017
Gerard Staudt
Want to find out how the new tax bill will affect you? Follow the link below to a tax bill calculator and see if you will be saving a few bucks this new year:
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“London is a two-tier market right now—the Asian investors and everybody else,”

December 18, 2017
Gerard Staudt