Discount Stores Defying Retail Meltdown

February 7, 2018
Written by Gerard Staudt in category 

Over the past year, the retail sector has been declining quickly with numerous store closures across the country. Companies hit the hardest fall under the categories of mall-based, or full price retailers. Spending trends changed during the recession, turning people away from full price clothing, accessories, and other everyday items, and they have yet to return. Shoppers are giving their business to discount retailers like Dollar General, and Five Below– spending excess income on big-ticket items.

Due to the change of pace, discount stores are defying the downward retail trend and opening up hundreds of new stores this upcoming year. Dollar General hits the top of the list, with their plan to open 900 stores in just one years time.

Check out the full article for a full list of 15 companies “defying the retail meltdown”:

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