Top Five tips to Divest (lease or sell) Unneeded Corporate Real Estate

November 21, 2018


There are numerous reasons that can trigger the need for companies to dispose of corporate real estate. The primary drivers are downsizing in response to an economic downturn or expansions due to growth. Research from GWS, which has analyzed

Facebook is Bingeing on Bay Area Real Estate

September 17, 2018

“As Wall Street frets over a slowdown, the social media giant’s expanding property empire suggests Mark Zuckerberg has few doubts about the future.”

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NREI Third Research Survey Result Summary

July 24, 2018

The NREI recently concluded their third research survey which explores the state publicly-traded REITs. Through their investigation, the NREI has proven five main insights–

  1. Industrial REITs are the most favored asset class
  2. Retail REITs are at the top of respondents

Ready To Get Started In Real Estate Investing? Consider This

July 3, 2018

Are you looking to get immediate returns plus long-term appreciation on your investments? Weather you’re a first-time investor or an old pro, real estate investment has proven successful for many investors when the timing is right. Ready to get started?

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top five tips to divest real estate-corporate approvals