Our Story


Citibank, Nippon Life, USI, Johnson Controls

With 25+ years experience exclusively dedicated to real estate dispositions, CoreDispo’s team of experts handles the challenging leasing and sale of excess corporate real estate to maximize value of assets for our clients around the world.

You can trace CoreDispo’s leadership success back to the 1980’s, when Gerard Staudt was broker and the Director of Leasing for 2,000 leases covering 20 million square feet in Manhattan. This was followed by his turnaround and disposition of distressed assets during the collapsed commercial real estate market in the 1990’s. He leased and sold challenged corporate real estate with Nippon Life Insurance and Citibank; estimated market value at $8 Billion.

Our Legacy


Officer and Key Leader (Dispositions & Asset Management) in the largest and most successful corporate real estate repositioning, leasing and sales in the history of the United States, with both Citibank and Nippon Life Insurance. $10 Billion leased and sold. Citibank stock increased from $9 to $143 per share.


Created and led the only group in the world 100% focused on dispositions of excess corporate real estate—for United Systems Integrators (USI), an Inc. 500 company and leading Corporate Real Estate Services business.

100% focused on leasing and sales of challenging excess real estate in the United States for Fortune 500 and Mid Cap companies. Appointed partner of USI. Consistent CFO Magazine testimonials documented our success “creating in excess of $200 million in savings and value”.


USI sold to Johnson Controls, a Fortune 100 company – for $80 million.

Appointed to lead the Disposition Services business line in the newly formed Global WorkPlace Solutions (GWS) business unit within Johnson Controls. Expanded the Disposition Services Team to a global platform.

Disposition Services Leader was awarded the Global Achievement award for implementing an extraordinary global corporate real estate disposition process and achieving better than expected financial results for key global clients – faster than the targeted timeframe.

Disposition Services Team was awarded the Chairman’s Global Merritt award from Johnson Controls for closing 7 sales in 4 different countries and 3 U.S. states for one very pleased key global client.


Johnson Controls’ GWS business unit sells to CBRE for $1.5 billion.


CoreDispo is founded by real estate dispositions veteran, Gerard Staudt to provide clients with 100% laser focus on their excess real estate, and to create and deliver the best possible results for each client stakeholder. CoreDispo’s mission is to provide consistent and dependable disposition processes to maximize corporate savings and value through consulting, leasing, sales and sale leaseback services in the global marketplace.