Industrial Real Estate Expected to Soar in 2018

February 21, 2018
Gerard Staudt

E-Commerce has taken over the way business is operated in the United States. With more and more companies turning to online retail, investors are looking into the industrial real estate market to purchase more warehouses and distribution centers. These conditions,

GE Factory to Hip Lofts

February 19, 2018
Gerard Staudt

City developers in Fort Wayne, Ind., are taking a $440 million budget, and pouring it into the transformation of an abandoned GE factory. Investors are hoping to turn this drab area into a lively downtown, that will attract a new

Investor Sentiment Indicates More Pros Think CRE Cycle is in Expansion Phase

February 16, 2018
Gerard Staudt

What phase do you think the commercial real estate cycle is in? Based off of numbers collected by the National Real Estate Investor, 41 percent of people believe we are in an expansion/recovery phase. This percentage has nearly doubled since

Discount Stores Defying Retail Meltdown

February 7, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Over the past year, the retail sector has been declining quickly with numerous store closures across the country. Companies hit the hardest fall under the categories of mall-based, or full price retailers. Spending trends changed during the recession, turning people

Bye-Bye Bank Branches

February 5, 2018
Gerard Staudt

Physical bank locations are closing left and right due to the changing landscape of the banking world. The shift to online and mobile banking (whether customers like it or not) nearly eliminates the need for traditional tellers.

The Royal Bank